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Thursday, 22 September 2011

connect NTFS hard drive to PS3

To transfer files off an NTFS formatted USB HDD, here are the steps:
    Connect your USB HDD to your PC, Go to Device manager, Click on Disk drives, Right click on your external HDD and go to properties. Click the "Details" button. From here you have to choose "PARENT" to get it's Vendor id and Device id.
    EXAMPLE 1: USB\VID_152D&PID_2329\149B801081FF. So here the VID/VendorID= "152d" AND PID/productID= "2329"
    EXAMPLE 2:Your CFG should look like this (CFG file is the USB.CFG file that comes with the download of Multiman)
    V= Volume number. So it depends on how many partitions you have on your external HDD.
    I have 1 so mine is :
    Save the CFG file and copy it to a USB stick. Plug it in your PS3. Open MM's File manager and Copy USB.cfg to /dev_hdd0/game/BLES80608/USRDIR (like the process you did to copy your game). Now to get the drive detected on the PS3, plug the USB HDD, press Start+Triangle button to load the NTFS driver. You drive should now be listed in File Manager. Note: You can not play games directly via an NTFS drive, but you can copy them to the internal drive using MM's File manager.
Installing USB.CFG on your ps3.
    after youve put the thumb drive into your ps3, start multiman.
    go to the file manager.
    go to hdd0/game/blus80608/usrdir on one side, and go to your usb000/USB.CFG on the other side.
    highlight the "USB.CFG" file and press O to copy it into the hdd0/game/blus80608/USRDIR directory.
    you have successfully installed the USB.CFG file. now lets restart the ps3 and open multiman again and see if it worked.
Enabling NTFS support in MultiMAN.
    Press start + triangle and it will rescan the drives and see the games on the ntfs side of the hdd. (note this will disable the FAT32 side of the hdd, not to worry tho because you can switch back and forth by pressing start + triangle


  1. bro i cant find any option of parent in detail menu of disk drive plz help i been doing this fro so long still no luck plz i want to play metal gear solid hd collection and its files are above 4 gb plz plz help

    1. just use ps3splitter, it will make files smaller. then use multiman to copy to hdd and it will put the files back to original.